In this solo episode, host Aubrey Johnson shares some observations he has made in retrospect about different points in his life, and talks about how he looks ahead beyond that retrospection based on the lessons he has learned from that time. He also talks about how to apply that learning for his own growth. This episode is also a beta test for a new format, which will have three segments: the retrospective, the “looking forward” segment, and the “3 for the road” segment.

In this podcast episode, Aubrey reflects on how his need to be the best at everything was actually detrimental to him in many ways. He was always comparing himself to others and trying to measure up, which led to him being consumed with thoughts of the other guy. This was unhealthy and prevented him from focusing on and enjoying his own life and experiences.

Aubrey describes how, during his high school years, he was consumed by a need to be the best in everything he did, whether it was sports, band, or anything else. This led to him feeling like a failure when he didn't meet his own high standards, and also impeded his ability to work well with others. The speaker talks about how he would measure himself up against the other members of his band, and how he would try to take the seat of the person ahead of him. He also talks about how he believed that complimenting others was a weakness, and how he has since learned that this was not the right mindset to have.

Aubrey reflects on a time when he was jealous of another student's success in band, and how he wishes he had been more confident and secure in himself. He talks about how athletes always have great things to say about their teammates or players on other teams, and how he wishes he had been able to do that. 



Understanding the importance of being a team player, working towards the same goal, being a part of something greater than yourself. Well, my son, he's a grown man now, but ever since the early age he started playing sports, he's done it right, and way better than I ever could have in my younger years.

And I so wish that in my younger years, I had that much confidence and security in myself to talk about how great a player David was in band as he sat first chair and deservedly so because he worked hard to get to that first chair.


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