Episode #: 177


Released on:  Oct. 20, 2022


Special Guest:  Tony Wall


About Tony:  Tony Wall is the founder of Noesis, a worldwide education network aimed at enabling humanity to replace the churn of conflict with the gift of clarity.

Tony shares his own journey through observing human behavior. He also explains how humanity has lost control by way of a process, and the process required to regain control, and a sustainable future for humanity.

How to connect with Tony:  To connect with Tony, and learn more about Noesis, visit www.noesisproject.com





Today, ladies and Gentlemen. Let's welcome Mr. Tony Wall to the show. Hey Tony, welcome to the show. It's so great to have you here. a real pleasure. 



Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. 



Absolutely, we're thrilled to have you here as you can here. So Tony, let's start off. If you could share with the listeners a little context, just about how early in life, where you first intrigued with observing human behavior



Thank you, you said it in a word right there. I'm, I'm naturally taken to observing it, really? It really comes down to that. I think, if you look at children, I look at children. A lot of times and they're silent and, and I remember being a child. I was silent. I was observing. Yeah, and you know, that followed me into my later years.


You said normal fun-loving? Teenager went to college had a lovely time and I was drawn to philosophy and always drawn back to observing only because there's a lot more utility and observing, and there is in reacting. Yes, yes. So my observations have carried on to now, or, you know, I met an older man and these observations have all combined to make noesis. So I'm a very lucky man. 



That's awesome. So I appreciate that. Tony, I really do because we're going to we're going to build a crescendo here, right? What I'd love to do is take it to the next level. I'm going to ask you another question. As we build up to this this this phenomenon called do Isa sand unpack it, right. And I'll talk about how it applies to humanity, and how we can apply it to our everyday lives. 


So, Tony let's talk about your original purpose. Okay? What was your original purpose for observing human behavior? Was it the same back when you started as it is in How You observe for noesis today? Or was your purpose for observing human behavior? Different years ago and evolved over time to build up to noesis?



It's a great question. And the answer is that I think we're born a certain way and I call my process, if people are want to say gee this is really interesting. This is terrific. I say thank you but you know I call it Common Sense on steroids. Yeah. Yeah. Where you know the truth that we so desperately need will no longer be available to us but we have a really terrific thing.


Ticket to lean on and that is common sense. So what you're going to your listeners will hear tonight? I'm certainly hope is common sense on steroids. I have a I have a really bad habit of making sense and I don't know why we have we have our gifts but I guess your listeners will be the final judge of that.




Gotcha. Gotcha. And yes they will be but I mean in what you've shared so far and what you will share, I am very excited and I feel with 100% confidence that it will resonate with the listeners want to talk about how I think what I've read on your website. And what you mentioned about Humanity has lost control by way of a process, right?

So if you can just kind of break down control of what and is it that common sense you're talking about or what does that control that has been lost. 



Thank you. We the idea that human beings have lost control is not meant as a no, we're not alarmists here. We're not running a fire drill. We are we are macro human.

First, I want to, I want to explain it what your listeners are going to hear a lot of macro humanist, observations, I was drawing all the time, always back to macro humanism. What do I mean? Well, a micro humanist undertaking would be, perhaps a therapist and a patient, right? Okay. A lot of self-help out there and it's great stuff self-help that's micro humanist. Immaculate. Humanists is like an eagle eye view of the entire


Of the of the behavior of groups up to and including the entire human race. And why why macro people say why macro? Well, it's a very fertile ground. Here's why the here's what I've observed long ago, the behavior of any one human being, any one human being and there are eight billion of us on the planet. We all come from the same place.

The behavior of any one of us is utterly unpredictable, very easy to agree with, right? But long ago I realized it that the behavior of large groups up to an including the human race is not just predictable but actually eerily precisely predictable. Mmm, so I believed I came to know very early on that if we're there

Precision where we can observe Precision of any kind, we're in the company of a mechanism. And by extension, we are in the company of a mathematical thing. Hmm. So we be, so we get busy looking for the patterns, describing the patterns and divorcing ourselves from blame judgment and anything else. That would be action-reaction in nature, right, right, that's how an

Server Works in these, you know, it's we've when we started looking for the patterns and we got rid of the blame in the Judgment. It a lot of things just fell right in that Arnold aren't really able to fall in for people, if they're in a reactive mode, we shall live. We see a lot of blame and anger and reaction Us Versus Them is never been more pronounced, we're not thinking, you know, these types of reactions can't think by their nature.

Getting away from them and being a Steely Observer has I think as brought us to a place that your readers will find or part of your viewers will find interesting, so would you say that to sit back and observe and to be objective, you know, in what you see, you know, emotions aside I mean will a lot more beer?

Revealed to us about ourselves and about our surroundings. When we take a more cerebral approach to how we observe,

Yeah and let me get your listeners will be. Okay. What give us a good example? Give us a something juicy to write. Write that want to try here. Here it is and I hate to Hate to come in here, you know, like a banshee but I'm going to do it. I'm going to say something that we really need to have a voice put to that. Is it that the human race and its current iteration

Is not sustainable in any discernible whitening know, you get to say that's a lot to unpack Tony and you're going to have to defend that. And I will say, with all respect I most certainly can and the harder, the question, actually, the better I need to be able to defend its entire platform and so I shall



Understood. And I'm so glad you mentioned that because that is a lot to unpack, right? And so with that said, and I believe this is a quote that I found on your site or you know, on, you know, with you about you about noesis and about Humanity, in general from Carl, Sagan a very thought-provoking quote extinction is the rule survival is the exception

And so my question to you Tony and I think you kind of touched on it and what you explain the minute ago. Do you believe Extinction is imminent? Extinction is imminent for everything that's ever come to life? 



I know exactly the question you're asking. So let me get right to the answer. Noesis is very happy to wait, for whatever Mother Nature has in store for the human race. What we will not do is sit around one more second and watch as a helpless and increasingly helpless human race. So let's itself selects itself for its own demise. If and when I say that and and very few listeners are going to be like shocked by it. Then I think believe it I think it's time the wishes and our process is now okay.

And I want to also put in another counter intuitive thought. What we do here is highly counterintuitive. This is what we hear and it sounds like this. First of all, we all want to get away from bad news. We find ourselves human beings. We find ourselves in this awful Place largely because we don't want to look. And that's okay, then we're frightened. We're afraid.

We don't know how we got here. We don't know how we're leaving. Yeah, what, what sentient creature would not fear that reality and furthermore what sentient creature? Would not fear the degradation of that reality, right? So we look upon the human race, not as flawed in any way, we look upon this entire thing, as with great empathy, great empathy, we've arrived at self-loathing as a species. We don't like ourselves, that's reasonable.

You know, any human being that doesn't like itself can be expected to be acting in a vaguely suicide away and right. Yeah, it's reasonable to say that we are acting in a suicidal way. So to end this by dll, give it back to you, is it, if somebody doesn't want to hear the bad news, let me remind them of something that they not expected to know. And that, is it bad news?

For evolving humans. Nobody was good. News had value in keeping us alive, we needed the bad news. Bad news, the bearer of bad news. Had more value to revolving humans because we could plot survival strategies with bad news. Eternity action. I see exactly. So it turns out that the bad news is the good news. Hmm. So let me try to get around.

I love this idea where like, oh gosh, she but bad news. Yeah, and when we know it and when we have clarity, now we have, this is where we need to be, because it kept us alive, then, let's Let It Keep Us Alive. 



Understood, you know, when you talked about bad news and it is kind of, it's human nature, right? We don't want to hear bad news and some of us more than others. Turn our backs to bad news, right?

I happen to be a movie buff and so there's, there's this line in the movie Godfather. The Godfather with Robert Duvall, you know? Yeah, it's the first is the first of many, right? The first Godfather Robert Duvall. He says well that is a shame that I'm sorry to hear that he's telling you know someone who didn't want to deal with his boss, who was The Godfather. He said, “well if you excuse me, I need to call my boss - he always wants to know bad news right away”, right? So, you know, don't waste any time. There's bad news. 



Tell me right away. Remember, we're well versed in the scene that led up to it after that, right? Right. Well, the most iconic scenes ever, to be filmed 100% 100%. So would you say based on that? Okay, based on that, comment that he said, or that line, is that a perspective that we as humans could or should have won,

Comes the bad news. Well, Clarity is our friend, not tomorrow, all the people again and we are telling ourselves, we don't want the bad news. Oh, don't we, and I can't concur tomorrow, all of us. And today, all this tomorrow, all eight billion humans on this planet will take their own set of problems. They will work those problems, they will work those problems except to it, apparently not.

Noticing problems is that the part of solving problems? So when we say we don't want the bad news, I can't concur. We actually all do want it where we can survive? So again this is counter-intuitive, isn't it? I don't get the pr people. We work with are getting used to my counter intuitive thinking. They say that we don't know yet, we really don't want to scare people.

Hey, I say to him I'm not trying to scare people away. I am not your man if you want these issues soft-pedal I can't do that. I don't bring value...

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