In this solo episode, host Aubrey Johnson reflects on the meaning of getting your mind right. He discusses how adversity can be an opportunity for learning and growth, and how important it is to have a positive outlook on life. 

The episode is about the importance of self-awareness in achieving personal growth. Without self-awareness, it is difficult to explore other virtues such as gratitude and humility. To get one's mind right requires a tremendous amount of self-awareness.

The gambling addict scenario is just one example of what it means to get your mind right. In this case, it would mean recognizing the addiction and making the decision to stop gambling. This requires taking a hard look in the mirror, being honest with oneself, and holding oneself accountable. It also means recognizing that this is a problem that cannot be solved alone and that professional help may be necessary.

As an example, Aubrey discusses what it means to “get your mind right” with a gambling addiction. He mentions that self awareness and acknowledgement are key, as well as figuring out a way to prevent themselves from repeating bad patterns. He also talks about how, in general, getting your mind right means being aware of where you are in life and taking accountability for your actions.



The four elements that are involved in getting your mind right, that can be applied to any one's situation, no matter what the scenario are:

  • Self Awareness
  • Acknowledgement
  • Taking the hard look in the mirror
  • Holding ourselves accountable 

We don’t tell ourselves we need to get our mind right, if we think we’re moving in the right direction. 

You realize you got to get your mind right, and then you have to put in the work to understand what does it mean to get your mind right based on your situation.


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