Jimmy IV, creator and Host of the Sexy Cool Lounge Podcast, breaks down the true meaning of your “vibe”, how to radiate your vibe, and the impact that has in your world and THE world.

Tune in, as we chat about the importance of protecting your positive spirit, and removing yourself from toxic habits and situations. Jimmy also shares a personal experience that taught him that we all must allow ourselves to “burn” in the lowest points of our lives, to rise above the ashes, and thrive. If you’re watching this on our YouTube channel, you’ll notice Jimmy wearing his sunglasses - and he gives us the profound reason why he wears them.

An audio tag shout-out to Dr. Nelson Beltijar, Certified Life and Executive Business Coach, and the Community Builder of The Positive Drip. You can connect with Dr. Beltijar at www.thepositivedrip.com

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