Dr. Melissa McCreery is a psychologist, emotional eating expert, author, and host of the “Too Much on her Plate” podcast. She’s helped thousands of women break cycles of over-eating, and being overwhelmed with the daily demands of life. She’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Self, and others.

Tune in as Melissa shares insights on how to have a healthy relationship with food, and why emotional over-eating is a more accessible stress response than drugs or alcohol. Melissa also talks about the misled notions of "willpower" and "diets". She also offers her take on the phrase "Eat to Live, Live to Eat".

For more insights, you can listen to her podcast at https://toomuchonherplate.com/podcast/

Melissa also invites you to take her free Hidden Hungers Quiz: https://toomuchonherplate.com/emotional-eating-quiz/

You can also register for her Freedom from Overeating Workshop Series for Smart, Busy Women: https://toomuchonherplate.com/register/

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