Barbara Sloan is an Author and Money Coach. Her inspiration for the work she does today is mostly drawn from her own journey from a homeless teen, to dancer, waitress, bartender, and more. She is now the COO of her own Construction company in Manhattan. Her extensive experience in the Service Industry caused her to discover it as an underserved community, when it comes to financial awareness and education. As a Money Coach, she’s help Tipped Workers achieve financial freedom.Tune in, as we discuss the how’s and why’s of the service industry being overlooked for offering financial knowledge, and a few practical tips on maintaining a living on a fluctuating income. We’ll also talk about her book, “Tipped: The Life Changing Guide to Financial Freedom for Waitresses, Bartenders, Stripper, and all other Service Industry Professionals”. Connect with Barbara, and pick up a copy of her book at You can also connect with her on Facebook ( and Instagram (@tippedfinance).

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