Listen to the FULL conversation of this interview and others, receive swag, eBooks, and more by becoming a Premium Subscriber. Just visit Daniel is the founder of Cinesomatics – a healing technology that leads in the field of video movement diagnostics. He’s the Director of the Center for Cinesomatic Development; and an award-winning and best-selling Author.Tune in, as we discuss his book, “Awaken to Your True Self: Why you’re still stuck and how to break through”. Andrew also shares insights on how our mental state connects to our physical state to capture how we’re feeling at any given moment – whether conscious or sub-conscious. In fact, he even points out a physical interpretation I made sub-consciously during our interview as an example of his work!To learn more about Andrew’s work, and pick up a copy of his book, visit . An audio tag shout-out goes to Roy Biancalana, Certified Relationship Coach who’s been supporting single people in the art of attracting healthy, sustainable relationships for over 15 years. Connect with Roy, and check out his latest book at

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