Source: This Podcast is sponsored by Better Help. Get 10% off your first month at **This episode was recorded using the Wisdom App platform** HELP ME FIGURE OUT MY DILEMMA WITH SUNDAY EVENINGS!! After the first 10 minutes of explaining who I am, and the mission of the podcast (just to level-set with everyone who's not familiar with my show), I dive into the toxic, unhealthy attitude and mindset I've had for YEARS when it came to Sunday nights and preparing for the upcoming work week. I understand not everyone has a Monday - Friday workweek. I've had this work schedule for years, and struggle with finding the right mindset to approach the coming week. At times I feel good, and view it as "a clean slate" - full of opportunities. At other times I just wish the weekend went longer. Either way, everything is just fine once I get the week started, leaving me to ask myself "what's all the fuss about?". And the vicious cycle starts again the following Sunday!

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