Courtney Gray is a Life & Body Coach who, as a stay-at-home mom, created a business making jewelry from fused glass while raising a family. After hiring a life coach to help her take her business to the next level, she was able to grow her home jewelry business to six figures. Her experience with her coach inspired her to pursue her heart for service, and helping women create change for the better in their lives. Tune in, as Courtney gives insight on seeing the good in change, the importance of re-inventing oneself, and the way mindset works for taking risks, overcoming fear, and self-doubt. Courtney also shares her journey in “wanting more” out of life, and the healthy dividends this has in the many women she’s coached. Listen and subscribe to her podcast here: Courtney is also offering a free PDF white paper called “The Daily Work”, a life-changing instruction on how to strengthen the thoughts and beliefs of what you want in your life. Get the PDF here:

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