has compiled a list of GoFundMe fundraisers for the victims and their families of the May 24th tragedy:

In this special solo episode, I attempt to extend my deepest, most heartfelt condolences and prayers to the people of Uvalde, TX and the parents and spouses of those lost in the horrific tragedy of May 24th.

In this episode, I try my best to stay away from politicizing, or stating my opinion of who’s accountable. Instead (and frankly), I try to find answers in how does one console, comfort, love and assure a parent who has lost their child from this unthinkable, unfathomable act? Where do you begin? What do you say or do?

On the show, we always talk about overcoming adversity, but quite honestly, this is BEYOND adversity. For me, it's incomprehensible. Please trust me when I say I am not trying to make this about me. I am just humbly looking for answers (as are everyone else) on so many levels…

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